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Elkins AR Metal Roofs

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Why Metal Roofs in Elkins AR

Metal Roofs are often Steel or Copper and are great options on homes in Elkins AR and surrounding areas for many reasons. First, metal roofs look great on older, newer and modern style homes. Metal roofs come in a multitude of colors, styles and are long lasting. We’ve installed copper and metal roofs on residential properties such in townhomes, condos, apartment buildings, single family homes as well as commercial properties in North West Arkansas. A-Rightway Construction is full service roofing contractor and roofing company serving Elkins AR and surrounding areas for over 15 years.


Elkins AR Metal Roofing Types

There are many types of metal roofing that can be installed in Elkins AR here are a few.


Metal roof materials include: steel and/or copper


Vertical Panel Tiles: Steel roofing panels are often used

on commercial, industrial and farm buildings. Today’s technological advances in building materials have made it both practical and economical to use pre-painted vertical panels in virtually all color combinations for residential use.


A_Rightway offers products for every job, whether big or small.

 Download our catalogs below for information on products for your project.


Panel-Loc Plus™ Product Guide

Panel-Loc™ Product Guide

M-Loc™ Product Guide

R-Loc™ Product Guide

Horizon-Loc™ Product Guide

Standing Seam Complete Guide

• Central-Span Product Guide

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Benefits of
 Elkins AR Metal Roofing

There are many benefits to installing a metal roof on a residential and commercial property. To begin with they are considered an investments. A metal roof can last a lifetime while typical asphalt shingle or other composite roof has a lifetime of 15-20 years. Metal roofs also tend to increase the resale value of your home thus mitigating the actual upfront cost of the roof.


Multiple Roof Styles and Finishes: Metal Roofs come in multiple materials, colors, shapes and sizes.


Energy Efficient: Metal roofing in both light and dark colors reflects heat effectively to reduce cooling loads in the summer and insulate homes during the winter.

This can help to lower energy bills.


Long Warranties: Most metal roofing comes with a true 30 to 50 year manufacturer warranty, plus our workmanship warranty.


Common Myths of  Elkins AR Metal Roofing

Lightning: A metal roof does not increase the likelihood of lightning striking.  However, if your home were hit by lightning, your metal roof would disperse the energy safely throughout the structure. Since metal roofing isn’t combustible or flammable, it’s a low risk and desirable roofing option where severe weather is concerned, especially for lightning.


Noise: A common misconception is that a metal roof will be noisier than other types of roofing. When installed with solid sheathing, a metal roof on your home will actually silence noise from rain, hail and bad weather, many times much better than other roofing materials.


Rust: Today’s metal roofing systems are built to last. Steel metal roofing has a “metallic coating” made of either zinc or a combination of zinc and aluminum. This metallic coating prevents rust from forming and is bonded to the steel at the factory. Paint is then applied over the metallic coating to provide the long-lasting color homeowners desire


Dents: In most cases, a metal roof can withstand decades of abuse from extreme weather like hail, high winds, and heavy snow. Today’s systems also have a 150-mph wind rating (equal to an F2 tornado), meaning your metal roof is also safe from wind gusts that can accompany hail storms.


Durability: Many people think you can’t (or shouldn’t) walk on a metal roof, but the truth is that you can safely walk any metal roof without damaging it. Before you walk your roof, however, we recommend you talk to your installed or roof manufacturer first. They will have the details on how to walk the particular roof you have, based on the style you chose and your roof pitch.


Why Our Elkins AR Metal Roof Company

 Our metal roof installation company has been serving the Elkins AR and surrounding areas are for over 15 years. We have the experience and knowledge to handle roof repair installation you may need. Whether residential or commercial our family owned and operated company backs your investment with our warranty that will leave you comfortable in your installation decision.


Elkins AR Metal Roof Installation

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